An aquatic way of life

Waterside, Butts Green, Clavering, Essex, CB11 4RT

Welcome to your local aquatic store

We have over 50 years of combined experience of fish keeping. Our aquatic shop has a vast range of fish tanks, aquarium and pond supplies to ensure you have everything you need to keep happy, healthy fish and aquatic plants.

Tropical Fish

Choosing the right fish is always important so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when deciding which fish would complement your fish tank

Pond Fish

We stock a great selection of good quality, UK bred pond fish to ensure you get good quality, happy and healthy pond fish for your garden pond


Good quality pond and aquarium plants help create an aquascape you can be proud of. We hold a great selection of high quality pond and aquarium plants.

Fish Care

We are always on hand to help you choose the right Tropical Fish for your aquarium.

Whether you have a soft water or hard water aquarium, species tank or community tank, we’re sure you will find something to suit your aquarium from our great selection of high quality fish.

Keeping your fish healthy and happy

With our advice and support we can make your experience of fishkeeping more enjoyable and relaxing and help you have healthy and happy fish.


New to fish keeping or an experienced fish keeper, we happily give lots of advice to ensure your fish lead happy and healthy lives.

Water Testing

“keep good quality water, not fish”. We are always happy to test your aquarium water for FREE if you bring a little sample in

Soft Water

Some species fish prefer softer water. We can advise which fish need soft water and can provide you with soft water too.

RO Water

We produce high quality RO water that’s gone through a 4 stage filtration process to remove all particulates from the water.